Sunday, May 4, 2008

Haven't We Been Over This Before? - Part II

Recently I wrote a column dismantling the most common arguments people make in favor of taking rights away from homosexuals. I invited people to write in if they thought I had overlooked anything.

Not much response. I got two letters of support, plus one letter from a radical right-winger who suggested the world would be better off if my parents had been homosexuals.

A logically airtight counterpoint if I've ever heard one.

Besides my existence, the right-winger took issue only with my complaint that the Christian Civic League keeps bringing the issue to referendum over and over again.

He pointed out that lots of noble causes, such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Suffrage Movement, and Abolitionism, succeeded only because of years and years of persistence.

I had to chuckle at the fact that all his examples consisted of efforts to give people more rights, whereas his cause wants to take them away.

Nevertheless, I have to concede the point. Congratulations to the Christian Civic League for continuing to fight for what it believes in, even if no one seems able to articulate why their beliefs are not absurdly hypocritical and immoral.

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